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Cesenatico Italia

Cesenatico, not only sea

Sandy beaches, shopping, culture and history

Since ancient times Cesenatico has been a fishing and trading centre and still today life revolves around the port canal, designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Here a fleet of modern fishing boats are moored and characteristic restaurants look out over the port, offering their famous traditional seafood dishes, together with shops offering local produce, lots of things to do and see with a stop-off for a piadina and a glass of wine.

And then… the beaches, the harbour, the fish market, the levante park, the sport facilities

The open-air Maritime Museum can be visited on the port canal where there is an almost unique collection of antique boats, whose sails and hulls bear witness to centuries of fishing and maritime trade. Villamarina, an animated centre with lots of shops, bars & pubs is an ideal place to do a bit of shopping or spend your leisure time. The Via delle Nazioni, completely pedestrianized in the evenings and the Lungomare Carducci offer a wonderful chance for an evening stroll after a day spent an the beach.


Scopri tutte le attrattive: gli eventi, la cultura, il turismo

A Cesenatico, l'opportunità di godere di momenti rilassanti e divertenti è all'ordine del giorno...
Immergersi nella cultura del popolo passeggiando lungo le vie del centro ammirando paesaggi pittoreschi rappresentanti l'antica storia cesenaticense.

Da anni oramai Cesenatico è turisticamente nota per la caratteristica movida e le numerose feste ed eventi che la animano notte e giorno.

Lasciatevi coinvolgere dalla nostra ospitalità, provvederemo ad offrirvi il meglio.

Amusement parks to suit everyone’s taste

This region on the Adriatic coast is certainly full of places where one can have fun. Cesenatico is the ideal resort for children of all ages. In an area of only a few kilometers there is the highest concentration of amusement parks in the all of Europe: this area is called "Riviera dei parchi" (Riviera of Amusement parks), one more exciting than the other!

Oltremare Theme Park- Riccione

Oltremare offers a large range of itineraries and opportunities to discover nature; with its area of 110k sqm it is the most exciting tribute paid to Planet Earth and the Sea, where entertainment is also a highly educational experience. Oltremare supports the protection of our environmental heritage with special attention to the Adriatic sea and its coasts.
Only 26 kms from Villamarina.

Atlantica Water Park- Cesenatico

La balena gigante, in scala 1:1, è il simbolo di Atlantica: situata all'ingresso del parco emotivo di fantastica attrazione per i bambini che attraversano la sua pancia, su gommoni colorati.

Park Italia in Miniatura - Viserba di Rimini

Italy in Miniature lets visitors experience an incredibile adventure by exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect reproductions to scale of the most important monuments and architectural masterpieces in Italy and in Europe.
13 Km from Villamarina.

Mirabilandia Amusement Park- Ravenna

Mirabilandia is the biggest amusement Park in Romagna and one of the most important ones in Italy and Europe. The park is divided into many different areas, one of the most striking areas being "Bimbopoli" (Kids' Town), which is the biggest children's town in Italy (8000 sqm) with attractions for children aged between 3 and 10.

There are also 40 attractions for all ages.Furthermore, during the day you can watch numerous shows, surrounded by green areas and water (3 small lakes, 7 fountains, 14 waterfalls).
Only 24 kms from Villamarina.

Cesenatico nightlife

Something to suit everyone’s taste!

Cesenatico and the Romagna Riviera are the heart of nightlife for both younger and older people, with an abundance of clubs and pubs to suit everyone's taste, ranging from night clubs to "liscio" dance halls.

The clubs and pubs on the beach are a must: you can dance barefoot on the sand all night long on the edge of the sea.

Viale Carducci offers the best clubs and pubs for the 'in' crowd, and those along the port canal, designed by Leonardo, are ideal for an aperitif or an evening drink.

For traditional dance lovers there are numerous dance halls which have made this Riviera, known as the "Land of Liscio", famous for the traditional "liscio" dance.

In the summer season there are many evening shows and events ranging from the cultural to pure enjoyment: evening handicraft markets, sunrise music on the beach, the theatre and much more.

Villamarina - The beach: All the services and amenities you need

The soft golden sandy beaches and gently sloping seabed are especially suited for children. The climate is already mild in May and remains pleasant through September. The bathing establishments are always up-to-date with the latest sporting acrivities and entertainments. Try them out and see for yourself!
The beach is the ideal place for all the family. The kids can play in the special, brightly coloured play areas. Older kids and young people can play the latest beach sports such as beach volley, beach soccer or try out canooing... and older people can take part in a bowling tournament.

Beach amenities/services:

The history of romagna

Our region produces renowned delicious local products such as Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano DOP, Extra Vergin Olive Oil Colline di Romagna DOP, DOCG Wines, homemade Salamis and the inevitable Piadina. Along the “Streets of Sangiovese” are many small villages to visit, to discover the lesser known routes, but certainly of a great historical interest.
Cesenatico is the ideal starting point for visiting authentic jewels like Santarcangelo, Longiano, Bertinoro “Balcony on the sea”, Gradara, Montegridolfo in the enchanting up country and also wonderful cities of Art like Urbino or Ravenna just to name a few.

Unmissable historic towns

  • Rimini e Ravenna
  • Cesena e Bertinoro
  • Santarcangelo
  • San Leo e San Marino